Monday, February 27, 2012

Working on my Life: Mark LightGlade!

Hi guys!!!! Sorry i havent been making posts lately but ive been busy alot, as in (I traveled to UK for rest or school year) xD so yup... and i have finished my Myth, he is transcended and back on track with good gear :)! Ok so now when i finished my myth, I started working on my Life Wizard..... But bad news is: M membership ran out yesterday so.... lol my Life wiz is now lvl 29 right now in mooshu, (ya u can be a low lvl when you dont do side quests XD)

ok so anyway he has his regenerate (had to beat a death boss 9 times) The boss name was Freddy Nine Lives..... So long lol but i did  it and got my regenerate! Here is my pic of him:
Since my memebrship is gone (for now) he is stuck on the quest in mooshu, but i will get membership back in May (My B-Day!!!) So i can wait lol.
Well, thats all for today, Thanks for reading guys! Bye!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!! (1)

Hey Guys! Sorry that i was late but i was busy a lot, but i finally had the time to finish my Christmas Special! :D Well here it is! Video #1: 

Go on you tube and find it, Make sure you subscribe, rate, comment, and most of all.. ENJOY!

Hope you like it! Well anyways, thats all for today! Bye Guys! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hey Guys! Mark Trollglade here, and i have just now started my Christmas Break! Once a weekend until Christmas, I will do Christmas Specials and posting them on here or You Tube! :) For the people who dont know my You Tube User, it is MTSWiz101 ( stands for mark trollsword wizard101) The reason why its mt"S" is because before i had a myth character named mark trollsword, then i made this one the first first one "MTS" was a noob xD. But, anyways, Back to Christmas!
Look at my new Christmas Outfit! (since i didnt have any crowns, i decided to improvise and dye my clothes!) :) Ok, well al the weekends until Christmas, i will post a new blog giving away a new video!   
   (By the way, dont worry, i'm a pro at these. lol) 
OK well, the first video, for this weekend, is going to be a Christmas Movie, called: The Santa Believer!
Well, thats all for today, Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Mark Trollglade

Hey wizards of Wizard101! This is my first blog ever.. So im kind of new at this. Well, i'm here and happy to say that my Myth wizard named Mark Trollglade, is a Legendary! Right now my membership ran out at the moment, so i can't get up to Transended..(Level 70). But i will this Christmas! :D Currently,

Well my wizards' account has kind of gotten stolen, but i got it back! (NO worries)..   But the sad thing is, he trashed everything i had. :(, So i'm kind of in the hard times right now, and I kind of did buy some new clothes and wands, So i'm starting to go back to my old self.
 Here are Mark's stats, There not, like Epic, but There cool for a Legend.

So there ya go! Mark Trollglade, The Conjurer of The Spiral. :) Thats all for today, Thanks for reading!