Monday, February 27, 2012

Working on my Life: Mark LightGlade!

Hi guys!!!! Sorry i havent been making posts lately but ive been busy alot, as in (I traveled to UK for rest or school year) xD so yup... and i have finished my Myth, he is transcended and back on track with good gear :)! Ok so now when i finished my myth, I started working on my Life Wizard..... But bad news is: M membership ran out yesterday so.... lol my Life wiz is now lvl 29 right now in mooshu, (ya u can be a low lvl when you dont do side quests XD)

ok so anyway he has his regenerate (had to beat a death boss 9 times) The boss name was Freddy Nine Lives..... So long lol but i did  it and got my regenerate! Here is my pic of him:
Since my memebrship is gone (for now) he is stuck on the quest in mooshu, but i will get membership back in May (My B-Day!!!) So i can wait lol.
Well, thats all for today, Thanks for reading guys! Bye!!!

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